Our Booths


Photobooth Frames

Our booth structures are manufactured from a durable light-weight composite and they come in many shapes and forms. They are inter-connectable, easy to attach, with a design-specific profile capability.

No screws, hammers, ropes or ground pins are necessary when assembled, you only use one hex tool to assemble all parts.

Our frames aesthetically look good, are durable and sturdy even in windy conditions.

All parts are freely available when damaged beyond repair. You only have to purchase the single part instead of the whole structure.

Our structures also have cosmetic finishes that can be purchased, for example – end caps, adjustable rubber level settings and many more…

Photo Booth Panels

There are two types of photo booth panels.

Plexiglass – fully waterproof,  can be branded with vinyl, comes in different colours and freely available. It can be used outdoors if it is used in shade. Plexiglas tends to bend if in contact with direct sunlight. We suggest these type of boards for mobility between various function locations.

Laminated compressed chip-board – Can be used indoors or outdoors (except for rainy days). Boards are very sturdy indoors and outdoors and don’t tend to bend. These boards aren’t waterproof and cannot be branded with vinyl. We suggest these type of boards to venues who have permanent set-ups and don’t have the need to move the booths to various locations on a regular basis.

There are a vast range of different types of boards/panels that can be used, it all just depends on where it should be applied.


Extremely fine matte surface

Insensitive to scratching and traces of wear

UV stable and weather resistant

Provided as sheets, rods and tubes

Very high light-transmission combined with extraordinary light-diffusion

Texture is retained after thermo-forming

Electric Components and Hardware

The following hardware components will be supplied with our photo booths:


Model – Ciaat Brava 2.1

Photo Booth Printer

                Printing Method – 4 x 6″ (102 x 152mm) High Quality: 300 prints (YMCBO)

                Print Speed – 4 x 6″ prints YMCO: approx. 7 seconds.

                PC Link – Yes

Booth Printer

                Recommended Software – Webcam Photobooth

                Operating System – Windows 7/8/10

PC Connection – USB 2.0 High Speed

Power – AC 100V~240V, 50 / 60Hz, 6a

Operation Environment – 10C ~ 35C / 50F ~ 95F

Total Power Consumption – Approximately 500W

Standby Power Consumption: Approx. 20W


Photo Booth Laptop

Photo Booth Laptop

Model – Lenovo G50-70

Model Name 20351

Input – 20V

Slim 1INCH design

One-key Recovery

Accu-Type Keyboard

USB 3.0

Inside Core I3

Operating System – Windows 8

Photo Booth Screen


Model – Envision 2023 WLS OR Equivalent depending on availability

19 INCH LED Monitor

VGA Cable included

Power Adaptor and Cable



Model – Logitech C920 OR Equivalent depending on availability

Full HD 1080p with Skype video calls or similar

H.264 AVC compression or similar

Photo Booth Camera

Full HD 1080p recording or similar

HD 720p video call quality or similar

Sharp, rich-color images or similar

Auto focus or similar

Carl Zeiss optics or similar

Stereo audio or similar

Stable clip mount or similar

15-megapixel snapshots or similar