Why Us

Why Us?


Why choose us for your Mobile Photo Booth?

The key factors to consider are Quality, Durability, Supply, Maintenance and Technical Support.

Mobile Photo Booth does not compromise when it comes to supplying the above. We all know the old saying “ Goedkoop koop is duur koop. “ or “ Penny wise pound foolish “

We only supply Chiaat and Shinko Dye-Sub printers, we only supply the latest software and hardware and our Booth structures are inter-connectable with easy assembly and parts can be individually replaced if lost or damaged. All our structural material is imported from Germany and manufactured right here in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Mobile Photo Booth offers you 24/7 technical support. This is because we understand that when you are hosting an event you want things to run smoothly and need to deal with all technical issues immediately. Our software conveniently allows us to remotely gain access to your notebook and fix the necessary bugs that may cause trouble. For any hardware related issues we have trained operators that can telephonically support you and run through all the settings to fix equipment errors you might have. As they say “ time is money. “ We would prefer that you profit, whilst staying reputable, ensuring that our businesses compliment one-another and grow together.

Our Booths come with a full set-up including hardware and software training. It is important for us that you become self-sufficient in all aspects of the Photo Booth so that you can confidently deliver a smooth service to your clients.

Should your equipment be in for maintenance or repairs, we will ensure that you have no loss of income or service by conveniently hiring you equipment at reasonable rates, for your convenience and peace of mind.

Our offices are open Monday to Monday 06:00 to 00:00 for emergencies and if you are out of consumables before your event you can arrange for collection from our office in PTA.

Mobile Photo Booth aims to supply only the latest technology, whilst staying on top of new trends in the industry, allowing us to support you, our valued client!

It is crucial to decide wisely on a service provider, starting any new venture can be costly. You need to research on the type of booths available, technologies used and whether you have after-sales support.

Please see all our specifications on equipment, hardware and software and once you’ve researched the type of equipment we offer in our packages, you will see that we don’t compromise when it comes to quality.